A Zener Diode is a diode which permits current to flow in the forward direction as normal, but will also allow it to flow in the reverse direction when the voltage is above a certain value – the breakdown voltage, They are widely used as voltage references and as shunt regulators to regulate the voltage across small circuits.

the following is various Zener diodes

Part numberVoltage - Zener (Vz)PowerTolerancePackagePrice ( FRW/ Unit)Product Link
1N46152V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46162.2V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46172.4V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46182.7V500m±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46193V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46203.3V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46213.6V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N52283.9V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46234.3V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46244.7V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46255.1V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46265.6V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N46276.2V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N40996.8V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N41007.5V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N41018.2V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N41039.1V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N410410V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N410511V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N410612V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N410713V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N410915V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N411016V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N411218V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N411420V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N411522V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N411624V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N411827V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N412030V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket
1N412339V500mW±5%D035200Add to basket


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