Two of the students of the Faranux Academy.

Introduced to you now is Faranux Academy; an Education department of Faranux Electronics, introduced for those who are interested in a more practical, realistic and affordable education in electronics and information technology (I.T) that will give them the skills needed to be successful in technology, hence bridging the gap between the formal education and labor market by providing the skills the students need to succeed in local and global technology labor market, and by enabling learners to be confident thinkers that are competitive and creative job creators who can contribute to our country’s economic growth.  

Our Goals:
  1. To link the learners to the rapidly growing technologies and to bridge the gaps between formal education and labor market.
  2. To provide people with better education, tools and knowledge they need to explore the world of electronics and take ownership over their own career goals.
  3. To enable learners start making their own hardware and software products.
  4. To develop confident, creative and successful entrepreneurs who can stand out locally and globally.



There is a saying that “if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but if you teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”.

There is a belief that thorough the teachings, all beneficiaries will be inspired to confront all the challenges that technology might bring about and will take the lead in finding the solutions.

The program will instill in the learners a creative mind which turns them into innovative, competitive and successful business people.


Classes will be conducted every end of each trimester of the school calendar in the period of three to five consecutive days.

  • The first year is an introduction that will open student’s eyes and let them think outside the box. The students will be shown how to start interacting the current technology and understand that the technology is not magic but something that everyone can do as long as they are committed to it. They will learn programming hardware device and develop their own applications that uses wireless technologies for example.
  • The second year the student will be trained to start designing and implementing some more complex projects in a professional manner, where they will be trained on how to design, prototype and manufacture a product.
  • The third year the students will start a business oriented training. They will be trained from idea concept to implementation and making sales while keeping in mind the intellectual properties of their products. They will also be mentored throughout their projects. Our aim for this is to help them think of and implement business oriented projects that they may start from their schools up to running businesses.

For more queries or help, please contact us on +250786396995 or send an email to: education@faranux.com. We will be glad to help you.

Partcipants of Faranux Academy posing a picture with Kagarama Administration