About us

Faranux electronics bring electronics parts you need to make your electronics project possible.we have electronics components, sensors, prototyping boards, kits, robotics parts and those parts that are hard to find.

Our Research and development team focuses on Designing and building electronic hardware solutions that has a positive socio-economic impact to our society.We also understand that not everyone is an expert in hardware design and programming, we provide tutorials and example code to get you started.

We are part of the open electronics community and love to hear what you are making out there.


Working Hours



NYARUGENGE: Open from 08:00 up to 19:00

NYAMIRAMBO: Open from 08:00 up to 19:00


NYARUGENGE: Open from 08:00 up to 18:00




NYAMIRAMBO: Open from 08:00 up to 18:00


If you have any question, please let us know by using an online contact form available here or the following address:

Faranux Electronics 

P.O.Box: 4082 Kigali-Rwanda

KN 119 Street, Kigali


email: info@faranux.com

we will be glad to help you as much as we can.